Environmental Services

Toxic Reports is a full scale analytical laboratory offering rapid testing of environmental, pharmaceutical and cosmetics products. Toxic Reports operates one the most advanced analytical laboratories equipped with state of the art sample prep, GC/MS instrumentations, accredited methodologies and automated procedures to offer high quality results, fast turn around, and lower cost to our clients.
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Food & feed Samples

Dioxins and dioxin like PCBs are the most hazardous man made chemicals and approximately 90% of human exposure to  dioxins are due to the consumption of food, especially meat, milk and fish.  Detection of these compounds at  low levels in fatty samples creates many analytical challenges. Toxic Reports taps into  30 years of experience using automation for Dioxin and PCB  analysis to perform low level detection of POPs.
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Biological Samples

Breast milk and blood toxicity testing directly measures the amount of the most hazardous chemical in the human body.  Exposure data is much more relevant for risk assessments and gives valuable information regarding the level of toxins in body. Toxic Reports offer a comprehensive test of the most hazardous toxic chemicals in human serum and breast milk. Blood and breast milk toxicity tests.
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Franchise/ Partner Labs

A Unique Opportunity to Implement a Cost Effective POPs testing Lab in your Country

Toxic Report™ is a franchise partnership opportunity in the medical (breast milk, serum), food, and environmental laboratory in POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants) testing industry.

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  • Toxic Reports Environmental Services

    Experts in POP analysis, equipped with advanced automation, accredited in ISO 17025



  • Food & Feed Samples

    Detecting the most hazardous chemicals in food & feed supplies

  • Breast Milk & Blood Toxicity Testing 

    For breast feeding with confidence

  • Franchise / Partner Lab

    Want to start  a POPs lab for food, breast milk and blood testing?

POPs: The Most Hazardous Man Made Chemicals

Persistent organic pollutants (POPs) are  the most hazardous  man-made chemicals  of  global concern. Humans are exposed to these POPs mainly through the food that we eat,  the water that we drink and the air that we breathe. Many products used in our daily lives may contain POPs  such as  flame retardants or surfactants. As a result, POPs can be found virtually everywhere on our planet in measurable concentrations. According to World Health Organization (WHO), exposure to low levels of some POPs can lead to increased cancer risks, reproductive disorders, alterations of the immune system, neurobehavioral  impairment, endocrine disruption, geno toxicity and increased birth defects.

Our Vision: Offer Turn-Key Laboratory Solutions to Test for "POPs" the Most Hazardous Man Made Chemicals

Toxic Reports focus is to offer analytical services for rapid testing of the world's most hazardous chemicals such as Dioxins, PCBs,  PBDEs , PAHs and chlorinated pesticides in food, water, breast milk and human blood samples.


Our Mission: Offer Quality Testing and Fast Turn Around Covering a Wider Range of Chemicals

Our mission is to provide our customers with fast, affordable and high quality testing services for food, feed, drinking water, blood serum, breast milk and whole blood. Our automated and computerized laboratories  offers  fast turn around time at a lower cost for the detection of trace residues of  POPs.  Toxic Report believes that by opening the door to the  widespread use of its solution it can vastly increase the number of tests being performed. This will result in dramatically reducing the magnitude and frequency of exposure to these compounds thereby, reducing their  adverse health effects on the entire population.

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