About Us

About Us

 Experts  in POPs Analysis, Equipped with Advanced Automation, Accredited in ISO 17025 to Provide  You with Faster and Less Costly Quality Results


Toxic Reports franchise laboratories are  ISO 17025  accredited providing  high quality analytical testing  of  Persistent organic pollutants (POPs). Unlike other analytical labs which offer analytical services for everything, Toxic Reports focus is POPs. Toxic Reports uses the power of  advanced analytical instrumentation combined with automated sample preparation create the world's fastest, lowest cost, highest quality expertise  in high resolution (HR/MS) Testing. Toxic Reports's focous is on the following compounds:

Our headquarters occupy a 30,000 square foot laboratory located in Watertown Massachusetts. Toxic Reports has tapped into 30 years of expertise in advanced sample preparation and automation making our labs one of the most advanced in the world. Our labs utilize fully automated  sample preparation  instrumentations, high resolution mass spectrometers (HRGC/HRMS), certified SOPs to offer quality results, faster turn around, and  lower cost  to perform analysis of a variety of matrices including:

Toxic ReportsTM   also offers  franchise opportunities in the high margin, high growth medical, food, and environmental Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) laboratory testing industry.

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