Dioxins are a group of polyhalogenated compounds which occur as by-products in the manufacture of organochlorides, in the incineration of chlorine-containing substances such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride), in the bleaching of paper, and from natural sources such as volcanoe eruptions and forest fires. Aside from being known carcinogens, dioxins and dioxin like compounds have been linked to developmental abnormalities, nervous system, pathology, diabetes, and thyroid disorders as well as damage to the immune system. For these reasons, it is becoming increasingly important to determine dioxin free drinking water and food sources.

Dioxins are a class of chemical contaminants that are formed during combustion processes such as waste incineration, forest fires, and backyard trash burning, as well as processes such as paper pulp bleaching and herbicide manufacturing. Dioxins break down very slowly and past releases of dioxins from both man-made and natural sources still exist in the environment. Humans are primarily exposed to dioxins by eating food contaminated by these chemicals.

Our dioxin and furan testing can identify where toxic emissions are occurring and help to improve the safety of your operations. We also monitor dioxin and furan levels in food and animal feed.

Toxic Reports is a reliable laboratory for your dioxin and furan testing. With our laboratory analysis, you can be confident that your production processes will be thoroughly examined to control and reduce the release of these substances.

High-resolution mass spectrometers GC/MS is the only accepted analytical technique for quantifying dioxins and furans. Our team uses the latest techniques in this technology to ensure that all possible sources of emissions are checked and even low levels, lower than required can be monitored and measured.

Depending on your priorities, we will test a wide range of substances to assess the potential risk of human exposure to dioxins and furans, including: soil and sediment; water; air; stack emissions; plant and animal tissue; blood and serum; food and animal feed stocks. We test thousands of samples every year and keep up to date on the latest regulatory requirements. We can also provide ongoing support for contaminated areas and restoration of your site.

Let us help you ensure a clean and healthy workplace and home. Call our team today to ensure your businesses safety record.

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