Franchise/ Partner Labs

Franchise/ Partner Labs

A Unique Opportunity to Implement a Cost Effective POPs testing Lab in your Country

Toxic Report™ is a franchise partnership opportunity in the medical (breast milk, serum), food, and environmental laboratory in POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants) testing industry.

The new born healthcare industry is changing, and in today’s market conditions consumers as well as medical professionals and researchers demand  more information and faster results  than ever. Toxic Report™ provides a safe, clean, customer friendly and a low cost environment where efficiency and convenience serve the needs of all parties involved.

With decades of experience, Toxic Report™ is focused on giving clients direct access to laboratory tests for POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants) Helping Government Agencies establish important POPs background information  for the general population. your Toxic Report Laboratory will provide clients with direct access, allowing patients/researchers to order any POPs testing they want.

Toxic Report is presenting Government Agencies with a unique opportunity to have a 50% partnership.We are  breaking down the barriers to providing POPs testing in your country at a reasonable cost.
Your organization will be partnering with a leading POPs laboratory. It is a service your community needs and wants, making it a service that you can start and grow. One of the unique features of a Toxic Report™ franchise, is the growth you can have within your service area.

You won’t be in it alone; the people behind you at Toxic Report™ are the best in the industry. We will be developing new techniques, researching more efficient equipment and chemistries. You have a team of experienced laboratory experts behind you.

As a Toxic Report™ partner your advantage in the POPs testing laboratory industry is fast service, great customer service, and flexibility. Like most innovative businesses you will be meeting the needs of researchers, doctors, patients and food companies getting them the information they need in a very timely manner.

The founders of Toxic Report™, have spent decades developing a model for the Total Solution for POPs analysis laboratory. They operate the Headquarters in Watertown and consistently grows the company. They are now sharing their proven way of doing business with franchisees across the country. With a Toxic Report™ franchise partnership  you benefit from years of experience in the business. With all of the competitive advantages built into your own Toxic Report™ franchise partnership, you will be well positioned for success.

We Provide the Expertise
Over the years Toxic Report™ has gone through the complex process of regulation systems multiple times and will be there with you to make sure your experience is a complete turn-key process for your first laboratory. We will also provide as much support as you desire for your second laboratory and beyond.

Contact us to discuss your testing needs 617393 1713