Pesticides are classes of chemicals that are used to treat or control outbreaks of pests, especially insects. Food production facilities as well as safety and health organizations heavily rely on pesticides to increase food yields and / or control diseases spread by insects. Some pesticides have proven hazardous to other animals or the environment and have either been restricted or banned. The need to monitor food products for pesticides is essential as more pesticides are being discovered to have adverse effects. One class of commonly used pesticides are chlorinated pesticides. These compounds are commonly detected using EPA Method 8081. This method determines the concentration of various organochlorine pesticides in extracts from solid and liquid matrices, including food products.

Toxic Reports offers the analysis of organochlorine pesticides by isotope dilution Gas Chromatography/ Mass Spectroscopy / GC HRMS using our automated sample prep systems. Our pesticide analysis can help you meet your licensing and accreditation requirements. Toxic Reports' pesticides analysis uses the latest techniques to significantly reduce testing time and provide you with fast and reliable results. We use a high-resolution chromatography system to simultaneously search for a number of pesticides in one swift analysis.

Our experience in testing for many matrices include some of the more difficult products such as tea, spices and tobacco help enable us to customize our customers needs.

Products tested for pesticides:

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